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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

80’s Horror Anthology NIGHTMARES Coming To Blu-ray

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80’s Horror Anthology NIGHTMARES Coming To Blu-ray



Beloved 80’s cult film coming to Blu-ray in December.

Years before he jumped the shark, or rather the shark jumped him, in JAWS: THE REVENGE, director Joseph Sargent tried his hand with horror with far sunnier results. We’re speaking here of the scrappy, late night cable TV favorite NIGHTMARES, a film that, while no masterpiece, is still tons of fun and held in warm, nostalgic regard by an entire generation of fright fan.

NIGHTMARES is an anthology creeper, spinning four unrelated tales of terror and the supernatural, all penned by writers Jeffrey Bloom and Christopher Crowe and starring a who’s who of cult movie royalty.

Now, after sitting sadly out of print for years, Scream Factory is dragging NIGHTMARES back into the waking world of high-def. The company has announced that December 22nd is the date fans of the film should circle on their calender’s for release, though you can pre-order your copy now at the official Shout/Scream Factory website.

NIGHTMARES is a fun, unpretentious chiller, PG rated and free of the kind of wanton carnage and exploitative sexuality that marked most of the early 80’s horror product.

Tales include “Terror in Topanga”, which sees THE SENTINEL star Cristina Raines being menaced by serial killer when she ducks out to but a pack of smokes. “The Bishop of Battle” sees a young Emilio Estevez breaking into an arcade to do battle with a sentient video game (amusingly, a pack of savvy NIGHTMARES fans have been attempting to create a legitimate “Bishop” game of their own).  In “The Benediction”, horror legend Lance Henriksen stars as a priest who stares down a satanic truck while battling demons of his own. And in “Night of the Rat” comedy hero Richard Masur and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS’ Veronica Cartwright come face to face with a king-sized vermin from Hell.

Bonus features on the NIGHTMARES Blu-ray will include:

Audio commentary with executive producer Andrew Mirisch and actress Cristina Raines Theatrical Trailer Radio Spots

Take a minute an a half of your life to absorb the cool NIGHTMARES trailer below:

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