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Thursday, October 22, 2015

TV Recap: SCREAM QUEENS Episode 106, “Seven Minutes in Hell”

Shock Till You Drop
TV Recap: SCREAM QUEENS Episode 106, “Seven Minutes in Hell”



SHOCK’s Alyse Wax drags us down into the hell of SCREAM QUEENS sixth episode.

The votes are in: Zayday and Chanel are tied for president. That means the two will rule together. Chanel throws a tantrum and storms up to her closet. #3 and 5 follow her, but discover she isn’t crying; she is laughing. Chanel voted for Zayday and hoped that one of her minions would betray her and vote likewise. She doesn’t want to be the boss in an extreme crisis. It puts a target on her back. Basically this was her not-so-subtle way of getting Zayday killed. But this works out better, and it is on to phase two of Chanel Dies Last.

Returning downstairs, Chanel gives Zayday the key to the storage room, the most holy room in the house. Zayday is suspicious, especially after Chanel announces she is acting president. No matter; Grace and Zayday are excited. As her first presidential act, Zayday insists the sisters have a slumber party. Secrets are always revealed at slumber parties. Chanel is not thrilled about it, but #3 is – because she insists they play spin the bottle first. None of the other girls “get” it, but #3 secretly prays to kiss Sam. After a redo, she gets to. Later, the girls discuss it in the bathroom, and #3 admits to having a weird background with sex and dating. She thinks that, because of her Manson genetics, anyone she loves will be driven mad. As such, their vaginas must never touch.

It is soon discovered that all the doors and windows are locked tight. Grace thinks her dad locked them in; Chanel thinks the killer did. Either way, Chanel had the entire house turned into a panic room, so they are there for the foreseeable future. Chanel is the only one with a working phone – it is a satellite phone – so she calls Chad. Chad and the Dickies were on their way over for a panty raid. Chanel loves playing the female in distress and waits patiently by the window for the frat boys. The second story windows were not bomb-proofed, so Chad climbs up and breaks the window in. The Red Devil appears outside, and the rest of the brothers hurry up the ladder. Caulfield is the only one who doesn’t make it – the problem with having no arms – and the Red Devil cuts his head off.


The slumber party continues, now with the Dickie Dollars, and truth or dare. Chad believes fervently that you cannot lie during truth or dare, and the game begins. Chanel asks #5 if her vagina has teeth. She is flustered and uncomfortable but insists she doesn’t. Grace asks Sam what #3’s secret is. #3 wants to get ahead of what she thinks Sam is going to say, so she blurts out that she has weird sexy feelings for Sam, at the same time that Sam admits #3’s parentage. #3 is furious and turns the question back on Sam, who picks dare this time, and she is dared to go downstairs and take a nap in the bloodied bathtub. Sam admits she likes that #3 has feelings for her, but #3 is too furious with her for spilling her secret.

The rest of the students have a dance party while Same goes into the storage room. She finds the tub, still caked with blood, and the Red Devil appears, knocking her out. He puts her in the tub and she accepts death, but asks the Devil to reveal himself. He does (not to the audience) and she says, “I knew it was you.” The Red Devil suffocates Sam to death.

Hester is jealous that Chad is spending a lot of time with Chanel, which gives Chad the perfect opening to tell her he thinks she is crazy and doesn’t want to be around her anymore. Chanel comes in and interrupts to announce more games. This time, seven minutes in heaven. Chanel and Chad go first, and he pinky pledges to be monogamous to Chanel. Next up is #5 and Roger. While they are in the closet making out, a scream brings the rest of the group down to the store room. Hester was going to check on Sam and she found her dead. Chanel instantly accuses Hester.


Back upstairs, the Red Devil appears out of nowhere and nail guns Roger to death, right in front of #5. He doesn’t touch her though, and leaves before the rest of the party can return. When they do arrive, Chanel accuses #5 of being the Red Devil, then accuses her of being in on it with Hester. Chad finds a secret tunnel system, and Zayday is annoyed that Chanel never mentioned it. Zayday is going to investigate, and Chanel goes with her.

The tunnels are “the nicest secret tunnels ever,” thanks to a presidential design team. The Red Devil appears, with an axe for each girl, and chases them through the hall. Zayday trips, and Chanel keeps running. Before the Devil can behead Zayday, Chanel returns and knocks the Devil out with a vase. The two girls escape. Zayday is surprised that Chanel came back for her, and Chanel insists it was purely selfish – “if I’m going to survive, I need the numbers.”

Detectives and the dean come to the Kappa house the next morning, and the dean is excited that she can say that, if you aren’t a Kappa or sleeping with a Kappa, you are safe. Wes comes in and threatens to carry Grace out of there if she doesn’t come willingly. Grace refuses, and Zayday backs her up. Wes leaves, pissed. #3 and #5 commiserate over their lost loves and they make a pact: they will outlive Chanel. 


Chanel gathers her sisters around to give them gifts: hot pink nunchucks. “We will take the fight to the Red Devil.” Then, they finish with a dance party. As they dance, the Devil watches from outside….

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